One great master in lighting design named Kaoru Mende said that future lighting design is make many kinds of colors of light dance in our space. Nowadays lighting design is going to be applying new technology and materials to show mobile and variable light.

What we imagine is usually different with what it really is after it is created. Maybe they are not so good, or they are unbelievable amazing. So the unstable control of light becomes the original motive of my design. Since light is just so unpredictable, I would make it develop to be the unpredictable beauty on its own or by our incidental playing.

The concept of mossi comes from the imagination of the existence of light. With the concept of mobile light source, mossi is a single lighting object which can stick to any surface.

New technology:
smd-sealed LED light that is super light and energy-saving; silicon with Nanotechnology that is very sticky but removable and reusable.