Our department now has 10 fulltime teachers. There are 3 Professor, 5 Associate Professors and 2 Assistant Professors. Among them, there are 10 persons have Doctor of Philosophy. Our professors come from different background; they were educated in the United Stated, United Kingdom, or Japan, etc. Therefore, our courses contain many kinds of thoughts, methods and principles. This makes our design training has vivid content. Presently, our faculties are sufficient for having a complete education circumstance. These teachers all have design related background and this feature absolutely makes us fit to the trend of cross field integration and development. Therefore, our department has great potential to step into the future.


Li-Hui, Lee
Associate Professor & I.D. Department Chairperson
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.12
Lab Title:Behavior, Humanities and Design
1.Education: Ph.D., Human Environment Design and Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University, Japan
M.Eng., Design and Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University, Japan
2.Experience: Taiwan Trade Center Tokyo Office / Fellow of Translation & Research (2002.04~2002.12) 
Mektec Industrial Corp, Ltd. / Flexible Print Circuit Board Design Engineer (1996.04~2000.03) 
Wen-Chi International Co., Ltd. / Ad planner and Copy Writer (1995.11~1996.02) 
Dynamic Precision Industry Corp. / Golf Products Design Engineer (1994.07~1995.10) 
3. Specialty: Product Design, Behavior and Environment Design, Pedestrian Space Design, Street Furniture Design


Chung Shing, Wang
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.26
Lab Title:Digital Design and Design Information Lab
1. Education: Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London (1991)
M.S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (1981)
Bachelor's Degree, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (1976)
 2.Experience: Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Da Yeh University Associate Professor (1991.08~2002.07) 
Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Da Yeh University Chairperson(1996.08~1999.08) 
Automation Engineering R&D Center Chairperson(1992.08~1999.08) 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chin-Yi University of Technology Senior Lecturer(1982.08~1988.04) 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology Senior Lecturer (1981.08~1982.07) 
Exploration and Production Business Div of CPC Corporation, Taiwan Engineer (1978.09~1979.05) 
3. Specialty: Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing, Computer Geometric Modeling, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping, Product Development Design, Design Automation, Mechanism Design, Image Processing, Virtual Reality, Bio-Medical Engineering.


Ming Shih, Chen
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.14
Lab Title:Product-environment Design Studio
1.Education: P.h.D., Design Science and Planning, Chiba University, Japan
2. Specialty: Product-environment Design , Universal Design, Design for the Elderly, Surroundings and Acting Culture


Ping Hong, Kuo
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.24
Lab Title:Integrated Design and Management
1.Education: Ph.D., Design Science and Planning , Science and Technology of Chiba University , Japan
2.Experience: Far Eastern Industrial Ltd. Design Department 
I.D. Department of Tunghai University  Senior Lecturer 
 Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A.  External Inspector
 Department and Graduate School of Visual Communication Design, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology  Part Time Associate Professor 
3. Specialty: Product Development , Design Planning, Design Management, Design Methods Application, Kansei (Sensibilty) Engineering, Design Deconstruction, Material Design


Jei Chen, Hsieh
Associate Professor   
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.25
Lab Title:Human Factors and Design
1.Education: Ph.D., University of Texas 
Master’s Degree .,University of Louisville, Kentucky,Computer Science and Engineering
2.Experience: Assistive Engineer and Specifications Engineer of Electronic and Trade Corporations
3. Specialty: Digital Multimedia , Design Methods , Product Design & Development , Human Factors & Design, Integrated Marketing and Communication


Yao-Tsung, Ko
Associate Professor
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.27
Lab Title:Innovative Design and Management Lab. (IDM Lab.)
1.Education: Ph.D., Institute of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
M.S., Institute of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
3. Specialty:  Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Design Management, Product Plan, Design Psychology,Mockup Making, Manufacturing Process, Computer-Aided Design 


Chia-Chen Lu
Associate Professor
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.19
Lab Title:Psychology of Design Laboratory
1.Education: Ph.D. in Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University
2.Experience: Lecturer, 2007 Workshop of Poster Competition of World University Sports, National Taipei University of Technology
Lecturer, 2007 Workshop of Graphic Design, National Taipei University of Technology 
Assistant Manager, Department of Innovative vision, Green Furniture Group
 Lecturer of Product design, Hong Kong school of Design
Product designer ( for product of Peter Rabbit TM), MIDAS collections corp.  
3. Specialty:  Product Design, Design Thinking, Creativity, Interactive Design, Design Education


Chi-Hung Lo
Associate Professor
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.19
Lab Title:Creative Design and Aesthetics Laboratory
1.Education: Ph.D. in Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University
2.Experience: Lecturer, Department of Creative Product Design, Nanhua University.
Lecturer, Department of Visual and Media Arts, Nanhua University.
Lecturer, Department of Digital Media Design, Tzu Hui institute of Technology.
Research Develop and Design engineer, YEN SUN technology corp.
Product designer, Microtips Electronics CO., LTD.
3. Specialty: Product Aesthetics, Cognitive Product Design, Creative Design, Computer-Aided Design and manufacturing, Concurrent Engineering / Collaborative Design


  Kuo-Pin, Chang
Assistant Professor
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.18
Lab Title:Systematic Innovation and Brand Strategy Lab. (SIBS Lab.)

Ph.D., Department of Technology and Innovation Management, Manchester Business School(MBS), University of Manchester, UK.
MBA., Department of Entrepreneurship, Management School, University of Liverpool, UK.

2.Experience: Department of Industrial Design, College of Management and Design, Ming Chi University of Technology, Assistant Professor, Taiwan.
Branch of Shanghai, NOVA Design CO. Ltd., Consultant of General Manager, China.
Department of Consultant, Asia Business Management Consulting Company, Project Manager.
Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, Teaching Assistant, UK.
Department of Consultant, Alpha TEK International Corp. Oracle E-Business Senior Consultant, Taiwan.
3. Specialty:

Project Management, Design Strategy and Management, Design and Brand Marketing, Service Innovation and Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Interdisciplinary Innovation, Systematic Innovative and Design Thinking. 


  Yung-Ting, Chen
Assistant Professor
TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.21
Lab Title:Sensory Experience Design Laboratory

Ph.D. in Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Yung University

2.Experience: Product designer, Haun Su WPC CO., LTD.
Research and visiting scholar, Department of Industrial Design, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Lecturer , Institute of Applied Art, National Chiao Tung University 
Lecturer , Department of Industrial Design, Chung Hua University
Lecturer , Department of Digital Multimedia Design, China University of Technology 
Lecturer , Department of Visual Communication Design and Digital Multimedia Design, Hsuan Chuang University
3. Specialty:
Kansei Engineering and emotion research, Human Factor Engineering, Human Experience and Interface, Product Design.



Hsieh Mei-Ying Email:hmting@thu.edu.tw  TEL:(04)2359-0492 ext.10

Li Ying-Hsun

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