Our department holds deign camps frequently and invites foreign professors to be our camp instructors. Our courses are arranged by professional educator because we hope that these courses can help to train student become the one who has creative thoughts.

Our department is passionate on encouraging students to participate many kinds of competition and we also cooperate with industrial corporations to let students have chances to absorb practical experiences. Therefore, they can find their direction of future career and sense the fashion trend of design. In addition, we holds international academic conferences and design workshops to develop students’ global vision, academic knowledge and design notion.

2017 Gendered Innovations International Design Workshop


 2015 Future Innovator International Design Workshop

 2015 Workshop design sketching, koos eissen

 2014【THU + Chiba + C.I.T. Workshop】in Japan Midtown

 2013 A Good Way Finding System for Greater  Taichung Schedule Workshop


 2013 "Five Sense Experience on Digital design and Value-added Serveices for Nantun Old Street " Design Workshop


2012 Chiba U in THU Workshop



2011【THU + Chiba + C.I.T. Workshop】in CHIBA


2011 Wim Marseille Guest Lecture and Workshop


2011 YWD Workshop


  2010【THU+CHIBA U Workshop】in CHIBA


2010 Green×Tableware International Workshop



2010 Chiba U in THU Workshop



2009 【THU+CHIBA U Workshop】in Tokyo Midtown



2008 Chiba U in THU Workshop


2008 Innovative Furniture Design Workshop



2007 Design Workshop