Top 10 Taiwanese Designers to Watch: From Craft to High Tech

For decades Taiwan has been an electronics design hub, making components for the biggest names in the world’s tech industries. Now, Taiwanese designers are making names for themselves as innovators in the spheres of product and industrial design. From catwalk fashions and artisan furniture to cutting edge eco-technologies, these 10 product designers form the vanguard of Taiwan’s emerging creative force

UNIKEA | Courtesy Kenyon

Yeh Kenyon Yeh
‘Design’, says Kenyon Yeh, ‘is a process and a tool to deliver ideas’. From his Taipei studio Yeh creates furniture and lighting that, although boiled down to the most minimalist forms possible, nonetheless convey Yeh’s ideas and aesthetic regarding modern urban living. His UNIKEA project is emblematic of his practice: in it, Yeh strove to forge unique identity from uniformity by assembling Ikea flatpack furniture without reference to the instructions, customising each component as he went along. Yeh’s interest in unique approaches and beautifully simple forms have seen him invited to work with the likes of TOPMAN UK and British designer Simon Hasan, as well as acting as brand director of Taiwanese make Esaila.