Tunghai University has been known for its humanity concerns in the education community. Industrial Design Department also shares this spirit and reflects it in the program and faculty as well.

Our primary objective is to foster each student has profound awareness of the balance between form and function, and the conscience in both social and cultural responsibilities. Other important qualities, such as creativity, problem solving ability and engineering knowledge are also addressed in the programs.

The Industrial Design Department of Tunghai University is a terrific place for anyone who regards their future career in design seriously. Our wonderful future is the one in which you worth to take part.


Our department has its appropriative building, and every class has its own independent design workroom. Every kind of equipment and resource in this department has been set up with attentive and circumspect attitude. For instance, carpentry and metal processing factory, PC room, professional multimedia room, and design gallery are settled for having a complete learning circumstance.


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Audiovisual Classroom

Practical Training Factory

Computer Equipment



Because consumer’s ideology is developing rapidly, industries change into great varieties. Industrial designers who used to be under prized now became Taiwan’s product leader during these years. It is because the industries need to pursue more and more beautiful productions.

In a production, designer’s esthetic sensibilities should be added into the product, and the esthetic sensibilities will make the product have more added value. The sensibilities from designers will also let a product become much expensive than the usual one. However, under this kind of background, “Economic of Esthetic Sensibilities” in Taiwan is facing a turning point. In the near future, economic of esthetic sensibilities may let Taiwan become one of the important parts in the global economical stage. Design will create higher value for Taiwan’s products after the “Knowledge based Economy” age.

According to the forecast from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the need of industrial design in Taiwan’s economical environment has increased from 7.4 billion in 19998 to 14.9 billion in 2004. The number has doubled. In the age of design, industrial design has become a new important knowledge in modern industry. Lots of famous business companies, for example, Sony and Samsung hire more industrial designers substantially. National companies, like Benq, Liteon, Asus, CCI Quanda, Compal … etc. are also bring up more designers.


Careers for Graduates

Because of the changing environment, students of industrial design department have an extremely wide range of opportunities in choosing career after graduate. To mention about students’ future career, our students will be suitable for jobs of product designer, project planning, researcher, visual designer, interior designer, environmental designer, packing designer, multimedia designer, graphic designer…, etc. Otherwise, students may also choose to study abroad for further education.



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