Graduate School- Graduate Groups
The goal of our graduate school is to train up high-level and professional Industrial Designers. Research groups were divided into different research directions, for example, Integrated Design and Management, Human Factors and Design, CAD/CAM, Innovative Digital Shape Design Lab, Products and Surroundings, Universal Design, Design and Culture, Transportation Tool Design.Our graduate school aims for developing a cross profession education circumstance. Our courses integrate high tech knowledge and local cultural features to develop students’ design ability for contributing their strength to industries.

Major Requirement Schedule for Master Degree & Elective Subject

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A Lab Faculty Research
Integrated Design
and Management
Ping-Hong,Kuo ‧Product Development and Integrated Design
‧De-structure in Design
‧Humanistic Design
‧Elderly and Disable People
‧Cutural Creativity and Organization Management
Human Factors and Design Jei-Chen Hsieh ‧Human Factor Engineering and Design
‧Decision and Design Management
‧Product Development and Design
‧Product Marketing, Packing and Display
Innovative Design and
Management Lab
Yao-Tsung, Ko ‧Innovative Product Design
‧Green Product Design
‧Orange Product Design
‧Sustainable Design
‧Aged Product Design
‧Design Integration and Management
‧Design Planning
‧Systematic Innovative Design
‧Product Plan and Strategy



B Lab Faculty Research
Products and Surroundings
Ming-Shih Chen ‧The Study of Design Products and   Surroundings
‧The Study of Assistance and Living Surroundings
for  the Elderly and Disable People
‧The Study of Surroundings and Acting Culture
‧The Study of Universal Design
Behavior•Culture &  Design  Li-Hui Lee ‧Daily Life Product and Surrounding Design
‧Pshycology of Circumstance, Behavior and Culture
‧Cutrual Creativity Industry and Design
‧City Street and Design
‧Public Sign Design and Image Communication
Psychology of Design
Chia-Chen, Lu ‧Curriculum Planning and Evaluation for Design
‧Creativity and Psychology
‧Design Thinking and Cognitive Strategies
‧Interface Design and User Interaction
‧Product Design and Consumer Psychology
Creative Design and
Aesthetics Laboratory
Chi-Hung Lo ‧Cognitive Product Design
‧Product Development and Integrated Design
‧Product Aesthetic Measures
‧Interface Design and Usability Evaluation
Sensory Experience Design
Yung-Ting Chen
‧kansei engineering and emotion research
‧User interface
‧Human engineering